Spring Home Buying and Selling Guide in Port Jefferson!

    As the warm weather rolls in and flowers are blooming and trees are budding, we are beginning to see an abundance of “for sale” signs sprouting up in front lawns around Port Jefferson. Spring is naturally one of the busiest times for Port Jefferson real estate, and I’m looking forward to a fulfilling season of finding the ideal home for buyers and a fair price for sellers throughout the area. But before we jump in and accept or make an offer, there are many ways to ensure your spring real estate transaction runs as smooth as possible.  From your Port Jefferson real estate agent, I present your spring home buying and selling guide!

    First and foremost, choose a trusted Port Jefferson real estate agent to represent you in this important transaction. You want someone who is not only a great agent but also a knowledgeable community resource (getting any ideas, yet?). This way you are getting the most from your experience by being exposed to everything Port Jefferson has to offer from great real estate to restaurants, shopping, schools and recreation. If you are selling your home, your agent can also help you find your next Port Jefferson home that fits your criteria.

    Home Buying:

    Look for the home that speaks to you on all levels of interest, including your personal style and aesthetic taste. In today’s market, many of us who are searching for a home are not only looking for the best bang for our buck, but also a place that we will call home for years to come. It’s important to find a home that won’t require a ton of investment towards small upgrades like painting, flooring, light and landscaping. When searching for your Port Jefferson home, make a list of everything you don’t want to change and everything that you do. Make sure to take pictures as well so the items are fresh in your mind. Compare the pros and cons and decide if you are willing to make the enhancements or if you think there could be another home that is better suited to your needs.

    With all of the wonderful homes available in Port Jefferson, it’s wise to anticipate some competition during your home search. While it’s beneficial to have some negotiation skills of your own, don’t forget to discuss with your Port Jefferson agent what it takes to get the home you really want. If the price is just a bit of reach, don’t give up! If the home you had an offer on goes to the hands of another buyer, hold your head up high and ask the seller to keep you in mind as a backup offer – you never know if the sale will result in a closing.

    Home Selling:

    Now that spring has bloomed it’s time to let the exterior of your home bloom along with it. One thing that buyers love is great curb appeal. Spend some time reevaluating your landscaping so that it really “pops” to passersby and potential home buyers. Even with an awesome interior, the exterior will always be the buyer’s first impression and lasting impression when they leave the property. Try accentuating your front porch or walkway with petunias (which will bloom well into fall), geraniums (which bloom all summer long) or violets that can add a lovely border edge to any bed.  This is easy, inexpensive and will add that desired touch of charm to swoon any potential buyer.

    Along with curb appeal, another thing to consider is offering an incentive. Do you have a pool, a large yard or detailed landscaping? If so, offering to foot the tab for mowing the lawn, landscape maintenance or pool cleaning for a set amount of time is a great way to enhance the appeal of your home. If a buyer is considering your home is in addition to another, this quaint gesture could be what wins them over. If an agreement is made, everything can and should be worked into the overall sales price.

    I hope this will help you in your spring home sale or purchase in Port Jefferson. I’m excited for a great season and look forward to assisting you with your real estate needs. If you are in the position to buy or sell a home in Port Jefferson, I would love to be your go-to guide to a successful transaction.

    Happy Spring!

    Amanda Eckart
    Three Village/Port Jefferson Real Estate Expert

    North Shore Real Estate
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