No More Winter Doldrums

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    Now that the holiday season is over, Does spring feel like it is months away? Does the cold weather and recent snowfall make it seem like you will never see the beauty of nature every again? Do the short days and cold, dark nights feel like they are encouraging the winter to overstay its welcome? These are the Winter Doldrums… Weekends can seem boring if you opt to stay inside where it is warm so why not spruce things up indoors? Bring the spring to your home décor to change the mood inside your home this dreary season!
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    To uplift your spirits, use the warm colors of red, orange, and yellow. They evoke the feeling of summer sun, fire or heat. They enhance feelings of warmth and happiness. Decorating your home in colors reflecting the sun are sure to brighten your mood. The colors of red overcome depression, encourages activity and escalates body metabolism. Orange brings joy and heals grief. Yellow stimulates your mind, clears your head from headaches, and reduces depression. What’s the best way to accomplish a mood elevation without having to paint every room in  your house? How about something as simple as adding decorative accessories with these colors like candles, tablecloths, sofa covers, etc? Take a neutral tone sofa with bright yellow throw pillows, a couple coordinating accessories through out the room and you just changed the ambiance of your living room.
    You can even add other accessories to bring happiness into your home by using curtains, instead of blinds to filter in light and brighten up a room. Place flowers and plants around your home to bring in the fresh smells of spring and summer. By decorating your home, you change the mood of depression towards a positive serenity. Something as simple as spraying a burst of Tropical scented air freshener or displaying a bouquet of brightly colored grocery store mums on your kitchen counter can do wonders for you when you come in from the bleak outdoors. A little glimpse into what we will all be having in about 50 days when spring finally returns!
    Sunshine does wonders for your energy levels. If you can steal a few moments on an unseasonably warm winter day, those few 40 degree days we will have until March, take a short walk. Grab your gloves and head to a local park like Avalon in Stony Brook. Stroll around the Gristmill and watch the ducks. Take a drive to Port Jefferson Village. Grab a cup of coffee from the Port Jefferson Frigate and walk across to the harbor. How about ice skating? Get exercise AND sun! The Rinx at Port Jefferson‘s Harborfront Park allows for daily skate times for adults and children. Check the website for rates and schedule. www. Even if you get a half hour of sun light exposure, your frame of mind can be elevated and refreshed.

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