How to find the perfect horse property on Long Island

    Town of Smithtown

    Zoned R21

    The harboring or stabling of horses or ponies shall be in compliance with the following requirements:

    (1) The proposed use shall be on not less than 1/2 acre of land.

    (2) There shall not be more than one horse or pony per 1/2 acre of land, except that on a plot of 3/4 acre two such animals may be permitted. On a plot of one acre, three such animals may be permitted. Additional horses or ponies may be permitted at the rate of one such animal per additional 1/2 acre. The use shall be accessory to the principal residential use of the property or shall be for the purpose of agricultural use. All activities shall be conducted for the use of the resident. No boarding or rental of horses or ponies shall be permitted whatsoever.

    (3) All horses or ponies shall be sheltered in barns, stables or other roofed structures that shall be constructed and maintained in accordance with the Building Code[4] of the Town of Smithtown and pursuant to all applicable provisions of this chapter.

    [4]Editor’s Note: See Ch. 112, Building Construction.

    (4) All horses or ponies shall be harbored in a fenced-in area that does not encroach into any required front or side yard. Furthermore, the fence shall be set back at least six feet from any side or rear property line. The fence shall be between four and six feet in height and shall be constructed of suitable material. All enclosures shall provide for a gate with a safety latch or lock.

    Building Department:  (631) 360-7520


    Town of Brookhaven

    Village of Port Jefferson



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