Get Your Port Jefferson Home Ready in Time for Dickens!

    Can you believe we’re already into the second week of November? Time sure does fly. The conclusion of Halloween and the start of November can only mean one thing: The holidays are right around the corner. Some of us will be welcoming family and friends into our Port Jefferson homes for festivities such as the 15th annual Dickens Festival which is coming up December 2,3, and 4th.  This festival draws people from far and wide to admire the beauty of our village, which admittedly we sometimes take for granted.  Even if your home may not be featured on the tour of properties, you may still have many admirers that weekend inside and outside your home.  

    When the pressure is on to prepare your home, even the smallest household issues can start to stress us out. When guests are on their way to Port Jefferson, we want to make sure that everything is perfect. From appropriate décor to last minute household fixer-uppers, your Port Jefferson real estate agent has the low-down on how to get your home in tip-top shape. With these tips your house (and you) will be feeling the holiday spirit in no time!

    1. 60-Minute Fixer-Uppers: There’s a wobbly chair in the dining room that has been left unattended for far too long.  The nicks and marks on your wooden dinner table are unacceptable. Your closet doors have been sticking and for guest accommodations that just won’t fly. While fixing these issues may sound like daunting tasks, they are quick and simple jobs that won’t put too much of a dent in your Saturday afternoon.

    2. Head Count and Seating: Maybe you are expecting your side of the family as well as your PumpkinPiein-laws. Or maybe some of your relatives have added onto their family in the past few years. Whether you are expecting a large or small group of guests, make sure you do a complete headcount long before the doorbell rings. It would be pretty traumatizing to not have a plate ready when your niece’s new boyfriend arrives. If you’re worried there might be a slip up, make sure you have a folding table and extra utensils in case of an unexpected visitor.

    3. Safety: When a lot of foot traffic is about to enter our Port Jefferson home, we need to start thinking about extra safety precautions that we might forget about when it’s just us. I’m not saying that your house is a potential deathtrap, but certain things like household cleaning products, lit candles and glassware should be safely placed and out of children’s reach. Are you expecting any furry visitors? If so, be mindful that certain types of plants can be harmful to pets, and may need to be tucked away for the time being.

    4. Prepare Guest Accommodations: It’s been ages since you have used the guest rooms in your Port Jefferson home. So where should you start when it comes to preparing these rooms for a few days of use?  First things first. Replace the bedding with fresh, clean linen and make sure there are extra pillows and blankets. If guests are staying for more than one night, it might be a good idea to conveniently place a few magazines on the nightstand. This will make your guests feel all the more welcome and comfortable in your home. Outside of the sleeping quarters, it is always a good idea to have extra toiletries on hand, such as toothbrushes, combs, bars of soap and deodorant.
    Note: During this time of year, there is always a chance that the weather can make a turn for the worst. Be prepared to have many of your guests staying with you rather than just the anticipated few. Stocking up on sleeping bags, pillows, blankets and towels etc might be a good move if the Port Jefferson forecast starts to look unforgiving.

    5. Create a Clean-Up Strategy: It’s impossible to avoid some sort of mess after your guests have left and the festivities are over. Before you’re left wondering “How am I going to clean all of this?” strategize a way to keep the messes to a minimum. For example, hang garbage bags on door handles throughout the main level of the home. While this may not look very attractive, your guests will catch on to the fact that you’re trying maintain a clean environment throughout the holiday process. This will also save you time during your clean up, as you won’t need to walk around with a garbage bag throwing away disposable items.

    If you won’t be hosting any holiday events this year, share this info with your friends to help them have a stress-free holiday. For more information on home care and Port Jefferson community events, stay in touch with my blog. If you are looking to buy or sell a Port Jefferson home, contact me today and I will walk you through the entire process.

    Happy Holiday Season!

    Amanda Eckart
    Three Village/Port Jefferson Real Estate Expert

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