Belle Harbor Mewes Condo #6, 515-6 High Street, Port Jefferson, NY 11777

    Bell Harbor Mewes Townhouse for Sale
    Bell Harbor Mewes Townhouse for Sale

    If a lively walking community is what your heart desires, Port Jefferson Village delivers on all counts.  Imagine waking up listening to the birds chirp outside your window, enjoying a cup of coffee on your private patio, and then, heading out for the day, with everything you enjoy simply a stroll down the street. 

    Walk to the Village Center to take in a new art exhibit, meander through the park , and then follow  the sailboats and fishing boats  along the beach as they head out for their daily adventures.  Stop by the Library to brush up on the latest digital photography techniques, or for a yoga or cooking class, grab a snack at one of the many fine restaurants, or on Sundays, complete your shopping with fresh local ingredients at the Port Jefferson farmer’s market. 

    Or perhaps you’re more of a nightowl!  In this case, you can enjoy a little extra desert after dinner–guilt free– when you are able to walk there and home!  Perhaps take in an evening play at Theatre Three or some live music at Ruvo’s.  Sound good to you?

    Well then, this Belle Harbor Mewes Condo is the right place to call home.  These units, tucked into the heart of Port Jefferson Village offers 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and plent of extra space in the finished basement.  For complete details on this unique property, please CLICK HERE.

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